7 Step to Upgrade Mongolab on Heroku

1. Changing to or from a single-node plan on Heroku

 1. Stop your app and any other processes writing to your database

 2. Backup your database using mongodump

 3. Remove your existing add-on

 4. Add a new add-on (see available plans here)

 5. Restore your database using mongorestore

 6. Change your connection string info in your app

 7. Restart your app



    2. mongodump -h ds0123456.mongolab.com:3000 -d heroku_app -u user -p password -o .

    3. heroku addons:remove mongolab

    4. heroku addons:add mongolab:shared-single-small

    5. mongorestore -h <new_host>:<new_port> -d heroku_app -u user -p <new_password> .


2. How to get <new_password>

Run : $ heroku config | grep MONGOLAB_URI

Return: mongodb://heroku_app:new_password@ds0123456.mongolab.com:3000/heroku_app

Compare with: mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword>@ds0123456.mongolab.com:3000/<dbname>


3. Informations account :

dbuser: heroku_app

dbpassword: new_password

dbname: heroku_app


* More details: mongolab